Dark Reign

Story so far...

The game is centered in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2015. Our cast of characters include the following…

  • Jack Tatum, the editor of the New Orleans Mystic and a 3rd Ascension Wizard.
  • Charles Mason, a local bounty hunter, former fire-fighter and Ailuranthrope with uncommon control over his curse.
  • Jesse Siradel, Captain of the Elven Queen’s guard and superb bowman.
  • Reverend Tyrone Johnson, an evangelical preacher from Texas and possessor of faith based magic.
  • Special Agent Sarah Dixon, an FBI agent with Department M, the U.S. Government’s supernatural investigation arm.

June/July 2014
Crossroads…Blues Artifacts…Demon Summoning
Factory…Zombies, Wights
Crossroads…Elves, Orcs, The HooDoo man

September 2014

November 2014
Antoinette – Revenant Spirit
Miners MC, Busty
Harrison – Roadking Shipping
Jesse – PC

March 2015
Succubus, Ghouls, Battle outside Mansion

June 2015

August 2015

November 2015

January 2015

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